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26 July 2017
The story so far...
Dean Barker at 06 Jul 2017
Funding your practice purchase
Kimberley Parker at 22 Jun 2017
Henry Schein & MediHoldings partnership
Anne Barker at 21 Apr 2017
Pension auto-enrolement: what you need to know
Dean Barker & Leah Groves at 20 Apr 2017
An 'individual website experience'
Dean Barker at 16 Mar 2017
Growth in Dental Practice Values & Funding
Dean Barker at 17 Feb 2017

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Alan Suggett outlines some of the potential complications when incorporating a practice
Alan Suggett - UNW LLP at 18 Jan 2017
MediEstates invites a specialist dental solicitor, Leah Groves, to discuss buying and selling a practice.
Leah Groves - Fisher Jones Greenwood at 30 Dec 2016
MediEstates invites specialist accountants, Woodshires, to explain R&D tax credits and how they might apply to dental businesses
Dean Barker at 12 Dec 2016
MediEstates recommends that dentists need to be advised by an accountant well versed in dental matters when considering buying or selling a practice
Anna Holmes at 30 Nov 2016
MediEstates discusses capital allowances and presents three recently sold dental practices.
Dean Barker at 01 Sep 2016
Anne Barker keeps you up to date with all the latest MediEstates practice sales around the UK.
Anne Barker at 01 Jul 2016
Anne Barker from MediEstates agrees that goodwill values are still strong across all practice types, and presents three recently sold businesses.
Anne Barker at 11 Apr 2016
In a move that makes now the most tax efficient time in recent history to sell your business, Chancellor George Osbourne announced in his latest Budget that Entrepreneurs' tax relief has been extended to include long-term investors whilst capital gains tax has been slashed by 8% for all business owners.
Anne Barker at 05 Apr 2016