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23 October 2018

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The role of the CQC in ensuring high-quality health and social care is, of course, an essential role, but managing to satisfy the regulator, particularly when buying or selling a practice can be challenging. Charlie Murphy provides some advice

Charlie Murphy at 05 Jul 2018

It can be if you’re prepared and get expert advice!

Anne Barker at 25 Jun 2018

With so many balls in the air at once, buying a practice can be a stressful time. Grethe Louw knows this all too well and explains why seeking out expertise and getting your timing right is so important

Grethe Louw (testimonial) at 21 Jun 2018

Peter Cummings discusses NHS contract reform.

Peter Cummings at 07 Jun 2018

Selling a practice is a big undertaking and one that takes time and patience. There are many things to consider and it’s therefore vital to leave yourself enough time to make your practice an attractive proposition and to complete all the tasks required when going through a sale.

Anne Barker at 30 May 2018

Phillip Barker explains why it’s important to take time out from busy day-to-day practice to look at the bigger picture and ensure you are building value into your practice right from the beginning

Phillip Barker at 24 May 2018

Natasha Hameed, Recruitment Consultant at MediCruit, a Henry Schein Company, explains the nuances of finding the perfect job match

Natasha Hameed at 04 May 2018

MediCruit, one of the largest dental recruitment agency in the United Kingdom, announced today a new agreement with Dental Circle

Phillip Barker at 01 May 2018