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23 September 2018
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Mortgage & Protection sales go together
While the mortgage market continues to rebound, protection sales don't appear to be following suit. Are mortgage and protection sales being seen as one indivisible entity?
By Anne Barker at 14 Sep 2014
Two banks launch new mortgages
Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have announced new mortgage products today (26 August).
By Anne Barker at 28 Aug 2014
Pension Act 2014 - things to consider
In all the excitement following the Budget announcement, you might have missed the silent passage of the Pensions Bill into the harbour of Royal Assent thus becoming the Pensions Act 2014. We've put together a brief note of some of the main points below, with possible planning points for you to consider.
By Anne Barker at 20 Aug 2014
MediFinancial & MediFinance!
Client-focused partnership that will change practice purchases. 100% funding solution.
By Anne Barker at 08 Aug 2014
A little knowledge...
As evidenced by a recent forecast from The Centre for Economics Business Research that house prices in London could rise by 54% by 2020, it is becoming apparent that soaring house prices are making it increasingly important for chartered surveyors to protect homebuyers and lenders against the risk of a repeat housing market crash.
By Anne Barker at 05 Aug 2014
Total 66 Articles - Page 11 of 14