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18 October 2017
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Competitive funding
MediFinancial understand the funding available in the dental market and the insurances needed to facilitate any Goodwill & Freehold lending.
By Anne Barker at 17 Aug 2015
Locum insurance
Locum insurance simply provides a monetary benefit payable to the practice to cover the costs of employing a locum following the absence of a key member who has suffered an accident or illness.
By Anne Barker at 01 Jul 2015
Critical Illness Cover
As the number of critical illness definitions increase each time a provider releases their product improvements, there is a balance to strike between product innovation, consumer clarity and improving claimability.
By Anne Barker at 16 Jun 2015
Critical Illness vs Income Protection
The difference between these types of protection can sometimes come into question, so MediFinancial have created a table with the comparison between Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.
By Anne Barker at 08 Jun 2015
Where's the risk?
As we rather suspected it might, 2015 has begun nervously, with markets in 'stop-start' mode. In monitoring the key themes and risks, here are three areas that we are currently watching:
By Anne Barker at 02 Jun 2015
Total 69 Articles - Page 6 of 14