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21 April 2018
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Insurance Buyers Guide
When purchasing your dental practice you need to ensure that it is as comprehensively protected as possible. In the event of a major incident the very existence of your business could be under serious threat.
By Anne Barker at 15 Feb 2016
Tax funding still available
It's not too late for tax funding! Our professional TAX loan facility is now available through our partners, and one of the leading professional lenders out there, offering fantastic facilities to offset HMRC costs.
By Anne Barker at 08 Feb 2016
Selling Power
MediEstates discusses how to maximise your selling price
By Anne Barker at 08 Feb 2016
Time is Money
MediEstates helps you consider what your time is worth
By Anne Barker at 11 Jan 2016
Practice Sales Intelligence - December
MediEstates discusses two practices recently sold in the UK
By Anne Barker at 14 Dec 2015
Total 81 Articles - Page 7 of 17