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16 February 2019

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When it comes to the valuation of a dental practice it’s no longer about using the traditional method of percentage of turnover.

Dean Barker at 08 Nov 2018

The Dentist talks to Anne Barker about the evolution of the dental practice market.

Anne Barker at 22 Oct 2018

Every dental practice benefits from having a strong and organised team that works well together, yet recruiting and retaining the highest level personnel for every role is not an easy task.

Phillip Barker at 22 Oct 2018

Dean Barker explains some of the reasons why the UK private sector is experiencing exceptional growth in goodwill values and how this is affecting practice valuations when the time comes to sell

Dean Barker at 18 Oct 2018

Following a sale, it is common for a principal to remain working at the practice, providing the clinical treatments they love, but without any of the management responsibilities.

Alison Bates at 14 Sep 2018

Scott Gidman looks at why group buyers are able to offer higher multiples of EBITDA when purchasing dental practices

Scott Gidman at 13 Sep 2018

As the value of Scottish dental practices continues to rise, Ian Simms explains why now is a great time to buy or sell a dental practice in Scotland

Ian Simms at 28 Aug 2018

Phillip Barker offers his top tips for those preparing to sell.

Phillip Barker at 20 Aug 2018