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20 June 2019
Leave it to the experts
André Hedger - Vendor Testimonial at 23 Apr 2019
Sold STC – what happens now?
Hannah Burton at 11 Feb 2019
100% lending is still possible
Emma Koniarski at 01 Feb 2019
UDAs: The final countdown
Lorraine Hunt at 19 Jan 2019

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Peter Cummings considers what the NHS dental contract reform in April 2020 might mean for NHS contract holders planning to sell their practice in the next few years

Peter Cummings at 10 Jan 2019

Satisfying the CQC can be much easier if you ensure you are prepared for all the questions that will be asked, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Charlie Murphy at 10 Dec 2018

Looking to buy or sell a private practice? Lucy Keeble discusses the current appetite from banks for lending to private practices

Lucy Keeble at 04 Dec 2018

Anne Barker explains why regular valuations are key to helping you keep track of your most important investment.

Anne Barker at 26 Nov 2018

Dean Barker discusses ways to build an effective exit strategy by maximising untapped practice potential

Dean Barker at 15 Nov 2018

When it comes to the valuation of a dental practice it’s no longer about using the traditional method of percentage of turnover.

Dean Barker at 08 Nov 2018

The Dentist talks to Anne Barker about the evolution of the dental practice market.

Anne Barker at 22 Oct 2018

Every dental practice benefits from having a strong and organised team that works well together, yet recruiting and retaining the highest level personnel for every role is not an easy task.

Phillip Barker at 22 Oct 2018