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19 October 2021

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The year so far has shown plenty of positive trends in the dental market. Lorraine Hunt, Practice Transitions Supervisor, reveals why the future looks so promising for both buyers and sellers of dental practices.

Lorraine Hunt at 16 Jun 2021

MediCruit, a Henry Schein affiliate, providing recruitment solutions to the dental sector, announced today a new collaboration with the Dental Nurse Network Academy, an organisation offering flexible, affordable, accredited training

Stefanie Fleige at 16 Jun 2021

MediCruit Recruitment Consultant Sian Storer reveals why candidates are looking to Republic of Ireland to advance their dental careers.

Sian Storer at 02 Jun 2021

We spent some time with Melanie Gray, dentist and former owner of Grays Dental Practice, to find out about her experiences with MediEstates, why she decided to sell and what it was like selling to Scotland’s largest dental group, Clyde Munro Dental Group, during lockdown.

Melanie Gray at 20 May 2021

There’s been a lot of chatter about the idea of moving to Ireland in recent months. With Brexit done, it’s no wonder many people are considering their options and looking for new places to live.

Sian Storer at 20 May 2021

Kimberley Parker, Business Manager for Henry Schein Financial Services, reveals huge growth potential for dental businesses in Republic of Ireland.

Kimberley Parker at 18 May 2021

There is so much that has been written on this topic, from lots of different gurus, so I will try and add something of meaning. This is based on my personal experience of nearly 30 years in dental industry (yes, I am that old!) and through several different life stages.

Maja Thompson at 21 Apr 2021

When it comes to practice ownership, we are living in a gilded age for many. Owners have a bullish market of buyers from the independent market, smaller group consolidators and the corporates seeking their favour.

Maja Thompson at 13 Apr 2021