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25 September 2021
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Sold STC – what happens now?

Hannah Burton explores the 'subject to contract' process

By Hannah Burton at 11 Feb 2019
100% lending is still possible

Many people think that the days of 100% lending are long gone, but it’s not so in the world of dental practice purchasing. Emma Koniarski explains that even first time buyers can be accepted for a 100% loan – for the right practice

By Emma Koniarski at 01 Feb 2019
UDAs: The final countdown

Lorraine Hunt discusses the importance of keeping track of practice performance and the role locums can play in meeting the crucial March deadline.

By Lorraine Hunt at 19 Jan 2019
When is a good time to consider the role of a locum in practice?

Almost every practice principal working in a busy practice has said to themselves at some point, 'I really could do with an extra pair of hands'. Sam Beadle discusses more in his article in The Probe magazine

By Sam Beadle at 14 Jan 2019
Rolling out the reform

Peter Cummings considers what the NHS dental contract reform in April 2020 might mean for NHS contract holders planning to sell their practice in the next few years

By Peter Cummings at 10 Jan 2019
Total 166 Articles - Page 12 of 34