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25 September 2021
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Making a difference to you when it matters
When it comes to protecting your income, you might be reluctant to take out protection cover because you believe providers will avoid paying out when it comes to claim. But our 2013 claims experience paints a very different picture.
By Anne Barker at 23 Jun 2014
Personal sick pay
In case you haven't heard, we've recently launched Personal Sick Pay; our brand new income protection aimed at clients in riskier jobs who can be more expensive to insure.
By Anne Barker at 20 Jun 2014
Family finances report
Family Finances Report is out and it shows that three main things are affecting families in the UK right now.
By Anne Barker at 06 Jun 2014
Budget changes and pensions
Budget 2014 was expected to yield few surprises with many commentators predicting that the Chancellor would save any notable changes for 2015 in the run up to the next election.
By Anne Barker at 06 May 2014
Buy to Let 85% LTV!
The demand for Buy to Let mortgages is at it's highest since the third quarter of 2008.
By Anne Barker at 24 Mar 2014
Total 166 Articles - Page 33 of 34